Enterprise Video Management Software

Enterprise Video Management SoftwareVT-VMSENT-R1

Enterprise Video Management Software VT-VMSENT-R1

Key Features 
  • Unified management for IP Camera, DVR, NVR, IP storage servers, video wall controller, and etc. 
  • Flexible to manage up to 1024 local channels per server; add, edit and share cloud devices. 
  • Automatic device search (or search by segment); add devices by domain name/IP address; add, devices and adjust time in batch. 
  • N+M Failover server
  • POS Data Integration
Diverse capabilities: 
  • Live view: up to 64*4 live view and sequence display, corridor mode, two-way audio, audio broadcast 
  • Record: local recording, recording schedule, alarm record, record download 
  • Playback: time/event retrieval, local/remote playback, async/sync playback, VOD for different speed 
  • PTZ control: Pan, tilt, zoom, 3D positioning, preset, patrol, pattern, and patrol plan 
  • Alarm: temperature, device online/offline, motion detection alarming and alarm triggering for live view, recording 
  • E-Map: hot spot for easy live view, hot region for sub-map, eagle eye, and map alarming 
  • TV wall: decoding channel configuration, channel preview, sequence display and playback on TV wall
  • Flexible maintenance such as log export, alarm info export 
  • Friendly user interface for easy operation 


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