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VisionTek IP Security Solutions for Schools and College Campuses

Schools, college campuses and administrative buildings that make up the backbone of our educational system should be a place of safety for our students, teachers and administrators to study and work. VisionTek believes that a quality, cutting edge video surveillance system is one of the cornerstones of a safer learning environment. WHY IP VIDEO SURVEILLANCE? VisionTek's new IP Video Surveillance Technology is an exciting opportunity for schools, their campuses and most importantly, the faculty and the students to feel safer. Why IP over the traditional Analog? Let's take a look at the advantages that IP has:

>> Superior Image Quality - This is clearly a strong point for an IP camera, which commonly has a better quality image than an Analog camera does. These better images enables the user to follow details easier, and allows that user to make a quicker and better decision to effectively safeguard people and property. VisionTek offers a variety of cameras all the way up to 5 megapixels.

>> Easier Integration - There are many fewer limitations as to where network video components can be placed. VisionTek IP Cameras have the capability to integrate easily with other systems.

>> Flexibility - A Network video system can grow with the user's needs, as opposed to an Analog system, which can only grow in multiples of 4 at a time.

>> Cost - Particularly in the long run, IP networks save its user(s) by using a PC Server rather than proprietary equipment and management costs. Here's another way a Network IP system can help a business grow. When using VisionTek IP Video Analytics, the user can get a better idea of customer flow and use it to enhance sales.

>> Remote "Real Time" Viewing- With Network IP Video, a user can view real-time video from any computer(or hand held device) anytime anywhere.

>> Ease of installation - POE enables an IP Network system to install easily, since only one cable is needed for both power and video. Digital PTZ's , remote zoom and focus can be easily manipulated by the user from a computer.

These are a few of the main reasons that an IP System is the next logical step for schools and campuses, and most importantly the people who are working and learning there. To learn more about how VisionTek can help update your school's security system