Government and Military

Government and Military Video Surveillance

VisionTek has a long history, and a good standing relationship with the United States Government and Military. We have provided the U.S, Canada, UAE, Asia alone with over 22,000 cameras, and over 1500 DVR's. Our surveillance cameras can be found at National Park Service locations. We provide surveillance solutions for twelve branch offices of the Military Veteran's Hospitals as well as nineteen branches with the Department of Homeland Security. We have also provided explosion proof solutions for the Coast Guard. Finally, VisionTek Inc. has also serviced solutions for NASA at locations varying from the Arctic Project, and Launch sites.

Today, video surveillance at Government facilities is vital to ensuring standard procedures are followed, while also studying workplace strategies to optimize work flow. Surveillance cameras deter vandalism, and violence. Our surveillance equipment can provide the security personnel with the tools they need to promote a safe and secure environment for the citizens within the facilities, buildings, and other places of government business, and its esteemed employees.

VisionTek has, through its worldwide network of dealers, cameras in many different government buildings across the globe in including, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, and many others! Our surveillance solution knowledge base is vast which means our specialists can tackle any request, and deliver above and beyond your organizations expectations.