Vehicle Surveillance Products

GPS tracking system records where you vehicles have been, how fast they were driving and how long they stopped, New extended battery life.
We understand that vehicle theft behaviors & preferences will vary by city, climate, and environment - and are experienced at customizing our technology and installation services to meet your needs.
  • Mobile DVR
  • Vehicle Camera
  • PTZ Vehicle Camera
  • Vehicle Monitor
  • Mobile Data Terminal
  • Accessory
Our covert vehicle surveillance systems offer countless benefits for law enforcement agencies of virtually any size, and provide the ability to quickly set up and run single or multi-vehicle bait car operations, and manage remotely from a centralized location - reducing the cost and manpower required to run a bait car program. Our trusted, proven covert vehicle surveillance solutions are engineered to catch car burglars and thieves in the act, and win the fight against auto theft, BMV and UUV.

Mobile Surveillance and Vehicle Security

We offer a selection of mobile video cameras, DVRs, monitors, GPS tracking devices and accessories, suitable for a range of in-car security and surveillance applications, from managing safety to improving vehicle performance. The benefits of installing a mobile surveillance system include reducing unauthorized use of vehicles by capturing unapproved use of your vehicles during non-work hours; controlling fuel costs by eliminating unapproved or extended journeys; and increasing vehicle safety and security. Our on-board surveillance camera systems let you enjoy the security of knowing that your vehicles are always monitored.